Vala Vincent Photography | About Vala Vincent the woman behind the camera
This is me and my family. I’m the one with the red hair (the bigger one). My wonderful husband and my two little girls. I am originally from Iceland so I will have a weird accent when you meet me. My husband claims I sound like I’m from Minnesota, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I’m a third generation photography enthusiast so you can say photography is in my genes. I love nothing more than being behind the camera capturing the moment, wherever I am.

Aside from running after kids and toddlers with my camera I have a little bit of a nerdy side as well. I love board games. Me and my family have a very impressive collection and play regularly with friends and family. I used to practice chess in my younger days and I once belonged to a dungeon and dragon group (yes I was the only girl). On the other hand I also have a less of a nerdy side. I love everything Colorado has to offer. Some of my favorite things to do is bouncing around on an off road trail 4 wheeling or hiking the mountains enjoying the view.

-Photo Credit My Four Hens Photography

I moved to America in 2005, and since then I learned that eating sheep head and rotten shark is gross and having 13 Santa clauses is not the norm. I have also learned to love American football and of course the Bronco’s. Even though I grew up living next to the ocean I don’t miss it at all, the mountains are and always have been my niche so I feel like I live in the best place on earth.

When photographing families my goal is to capture the connection between family members. I encourage snuggles and play. I use directed play to achieve a natural style. I make sure I get to know you before our session. I believe that being prepared and informed takes the stress out of the picture.

Everyone has a story to tell. You might not think yours is remarkable, but it is. It is remarkable to your loved ones, to your children, to your grandchildren and above all, to your parents!

If you made it to the bottom of this little section of About Vala Vincent a Denver and Golden Photographer, I commend you! If this means you think we are a great fit then head over to Contact Me section and set up a consult! I look forward to get to know you!