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Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portraits are perfect for newborns, babies and families. This is such a versatile and fun type of session that produces precious memories. Lifestyle photography has no limit, it can happen in your home, at the hospital right after you give birth (or while you give birth), at your favorite ice cream store, the sky is the limit!

Our newborns are little for such a short time. This to me, is the most important time to photograph them. They stay infants for a couple of weeks. Then they start growing and become more alert. You must go up a diaper size and they are bursting at the seams of their little newborn outfits. Time goes past too fast.
It is important to choose the right newborn photographer for you who will deliver amazing newborn pictures that fit your style. Someone you trust will not only capture your little one perfectly, but also treat them like the treasure they are. My goal is to give you, your most important memories you will ever invest in.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”

Here are a few tips on scheduling a newborn session.
1. The best time to schedule a session is during 2nd trimester. If you are due tomorrow or have already had your baby, don’t worry! Just let me know you already had your baby and I will do my best to get you in. I believe everyone deserves beautiful photos of their newborn baby!
2. Think about what your plans are for the photos. Do you want to hang a beautiful wall art in the nursery? Would you prefer an album, will you be doing a birth announcement?
3. Who else do you want in the session? Siblings, parents, grandparents etc.

So please, take care when you select your newborn photographer. Find one that you trust, that you relate to, and that offers the photo style that you love!

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