“Be your own kind of beautiful”

I am so excited that you are considering working with me! I am over the moon and hope that I’ll get the chance to share my passion and joy with you! I truly love what I do! I firmly believe this is one of the most important investment you make for your children. For many people this is their first experience with a family photographer, so I would like to share some info with you. It will make the whole process way less overwhelming. Please indulge me, I promise I will make this worth your while. First off, let me explain the difference between family and in-home lifestyle photography session.

I service Golden, Denver, Evergreen, Idaho Springs, Morrison, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Wheat ridge and Arvada in Colorado.

Everyone is different which is why I offer print product packages and digital packages

Family session is where we pick an outdoor location, it can be in Denver, Golden or other locations you like. I scout the location out to make sure it fits my artistic vision. I always, have a vision. After I find the perfect location for you, I will capture those sweet snuggles, the pouty faces, and uncontrollable giggles. The moments that make life feel so big and so sweet.
This session is perfect for April – November. The softness of spring, the joy of summer and the beautiful fall. Colorado is a beautiful place to live.

In-home lifestyle session is where I come to your home (or a studio home if you prefer). I capture you in the most important space of your life. The home where your kids will grow up in. The place you can celebrate every scratch, every crayon mark and the banged-up furniture (nobody has nice things with kids, nobody haha!). We will go through your routine, capture the beauty of your daily life!
This session is perfect at any time of the year. It is where newborns and babies are most comfortable and where we can celebrate family traditions.

What can I expect?

The biggest difference between me and many other family photographers is that I prepare you from the beginning. We will meet up a couple of weeks before our session. We will get to know each other, I will listen to what you want, I’ll help you find the perfect wardrobe and custom build the session around your family. There is nothing generic about what I give you.

How fast can I have my photos?

I take great care during the post processing of your portraits. I like to do a natural edit with an artistic flare. The average wait time is between 1-3 weeks for our private viewing session. Please note, it depends on the season. Fall is the most popular time for family photos so wait time can be longer during that time.

Almost there! Let me ask You a question first. When your children are grown, when your spouse has a few more wrinkles than you remembered, and your parents have passed…what will you have left to remember those you love most? More importantly, what will you have to pass on as a legacy to your family? Chances are, it will be two things: the memories and the photographs.

I am fully aware that I am providing you with your legacy and your memories. I treat each client with care and invest a lot of my time to ensure you have the best experience possible! Honestly, this question how much does it cost, is best answered through a phone consult. I offer a range of sessions varying from mini session to full session to custom sessions. Knowing more about what you need will help me answer this question.

My prices start at $850 which includes everything such as images, wall art credit and session fees. Everyone has a different need, and I try to cover the needs of everyone with offering both digital and wall art and other keepsakes that will last for decades.
Tell you what, why don’t you contact me for a free phone consult. Let’s talk and see if we are a good match for each other. I’d love to hear from you!

Included in every package

In home consult:

There are many factors that go into creating amazing memories for you. I will prepare you for what is to come. Give wardrobe advice and above all, listen to you. What do you want to get out of the session?

The Photo Session:

I offer both in studio and on location service.

Reveal session:

I believe you should be the first one to see your beautiful gallery. I will help you narrow down your favorite images. I cater to each client needs during this session. I can even show you how each photo fits on your walls before you hang them up!

Post Processing:

Editing and processing of images for both web and print. Ordering and delivery of products if that is what you chose. Online gallery to download digital images.

Social feature:

A blog feature and YouTube video to share with your family.

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