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Infinite Love Project

Volunteering and giving back to the community has been a part of me since I was a teenager. I believe we are responsible for our fellow neighbors. You can’t safe the whole world by yourself, that is an impossible task. But you can help at your scale, one person a year, one person a month or whatever your capacity is. Imagine if everyone did that. Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

With that in mind, I created the infinite love project. Together with Rocky Mountain Health Foundation I offer free photo shoot to families going through extreme hardship such as illness of a child or parent. I have also worked with and donated to HopeKids Colorado and Kids Mobility Network. All of which work on causes close to my heart. I will also happily donate to silent auctions and help in any way I am capable.

Meet Rebecca. This session was very bitter sweet. We celebrate a new life coming into this world. The joy only a new baby can give. On the other end Rebecca was induced to deliver her baby girl so she could meet her father, before he passed. This baby will never get to know her father as he passed shortly after the birth other then through her mom’s memories. His legacy lives on in her.

“What you are to me has no understanding,
unless you can understand what forever
and infinity really mean”.
a.r. ashe

Meet the Robinson’s. A beautiful and lovely family. A disabled father and two of their children with a critical illness. During our session they came in with a smile and good spirit. I am grateful that an organization like HopeKids Colorado exists. To help you feel like a regular family, take your mind off doctor’s visits, tests and other cruelty a medical condition offers. To bring mental support, to know that there are others that understand. I am forever grateful to get to know them for a brief moment in our lives.

Beautiful photography has incredible power. If you have experienced a loss of a loved one, I bet that some of the first things you did was going back to photos. Memories give us a good feeling, they get those happy hormones flowing, reduce stress and anxiety. They are documentation of our lives, our legacy and our priceless memories. Being able to give that to someone is priceless to me.