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Professional Headshots and Events Denver and Golden

I am so happy you made it here. I assume this means you are looking for a professional portrait session. I offer professional headshots and events Denver and Golden which has a range of variety. I welcome personal branding, headshots for professionals and corporate, dating, authors, bloggers, social media guru’s and events. Please keep reading to learn which one might fit you the best. Every business, and every professional is different. I customize your session towards your needs. Schedule a free photo consult, let’s talk!

“A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty”

Lifestyle Headshot Session/Personal branding

The goal of a lifestyle headshot or personal branding session is to show the real you. Show your personality, what you do and who you are. Professional ‘selfies’ can severely improve your social media engagement. Your clients get to know you better, build relationship with you and relate to you, all from a photo. Top that with a video and you are far ahead of your competitor.
Personal branding creates trust and loyalty. These sessions are built for those who are wanting a strong online presence. You have a strong SMO (social media optimization) plan, you understand the importance of visual campaigns. We will discuss if you need special sizes optimized for Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook and/or website headers.

You have a few location options for lifestyle headshots. You can choose your business location, an outdoor location or a professionally styled and furnished studio (for an additional fee). Included in all the marketing and branding sessions is a one on one consult (except the simple and quick session). We will sit down and talk, about your business, your profession, your product, your goals and what outcome you want from this session. From our little interview I will then create a custom session that fits your needs.


Simple and Quick Headshot session $250

This session is perfect if all you need is 1 or 2 portraits. It includes a phone consult and the photo session. I have a quick turnaround where I deliver your photos within 48 hours. This session does not include extra gear set-up such as backdrops and lights.

Personal branding packages starting at $1250

digital marketing packages are customized for your needs. They include in-person consults, multiple locations and outfit changes.

Videography starts at $500. Price varies with each project.
Hair and Make-up $150
Professionally staged and furnished studio prices range from $150 – $350 per hour. Price varies by location and size/needs.

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Corporate Headshot

Corporate headshots are for businesses with multiple employees. For 1-4 employees see the quick and simple package above. They are great for brand marketing and definition. Most people want to see a photo of the ones they do business with. I will travel to you either with backdrops and lights or meet on a location of your choice. I promise to make the process easy, pain free and quick. I service, Denver, Golden, Evergreen, Idaho Springs, Morrison, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Wheat ridge and Arvada in Colorado.
5-9 Employees $185 per person. Includes 1-2 photos per person and a group photo.
10-15 Employees $165 per person. Includes 1-2 photos per person and a group photo.
15-20 Employees $135 per person. Includes 1-2 photos per person and a group photo.
20+ Employees $115 per person. Includes 1-2 photos per person and a group photo.

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Online Dating Photos

Online dating isn’t what it was 5 years ago. Competition is much greater now. Having a friend take a few photos with their cellphone simply won’t cut it anymore. I offer lifestyle version of dating profile photos. I offer a session that goes beyond regular head shots. The goal is to capture the real you, doing real things. We will start with an in-person consult. We will talk about who you are, and what makes you, you. If you love cooking, we will capture that. If you love your dog, we’ll capture that. Starting to get the picture? The goal is to make it seem these photos were taken by your friend, not by a professional. Ironic, I know!

“You are only as attractive as your worst photo”

I offer two packages for online dating photos

Love Letter $450
Includes in-person consult, one location and one outfit. 5 social media sized photos (not suitable for print).

True Love $650
Includes in-person consult, up to 3 locations and 3 outfits. 10 social media sized photos (not suitable for print).


Hair and Make-up $150
Products and digital files available for an additional price.

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I offer event photography for everything from birthday parties to large corporate events. I promise 35-45 photos per hour and I offer a wide range of add-on services.
Basic package $200 per hour with 2 hours minimum. Includes one photographer with a camera and flash and minimal post-processing.

Add-on services:
Additional photographer $100 per hour extra.
Light gear and backdrops $75 per hour extra.
Videography price varies depending on need.
Post processing price varies depending on need.
Private galleries and print purchase available.

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Hi, I’m Vala and I offer professional headshots and events Denver and Golden. It is my pleasure to help you reach your goals and bring your business up to another level. Today only 30% of business owners participate in the online race.

This is where I come in offering professional headshots and events Denver and Golden. I want you to stay ahead the curb and level up your business.

I look forward to hear from you, connect with me on Linked-in I would love to learn more about you!